Herbal Organic Toothpaste VITAMIN

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Aqua with infusions of: Organic extract of black currant oil, Altai sea buckthorn extracts: striped, sweet, licorice root, rose hips, Sophora japonica, wood strawberries, Knyazhika Siberian, pine gum, vegetable glycerin, sorbitol (from plants) Hidrat
  • Wt. 75 ml (2.54 fl.oz)
  • Imported: Russia
  • Made with natural & organic ingredients
  • Contains NO: SLS, SLES, parents, fluorine, sugars, aluminum & other metal and no mineral oil.
  • Vegan, non GMO.

 Toothpaste is effective in bleeding gums and prevent the development of periodontal disease.

  At the same time it gently polishes the enamel of the teeth, restoring its natural shine and whiteness.

  Natural ultra fine grain abrasive components contribute to the efficient and careful removal of plaque.

  Active ingredients:

  • - Organic extract of blackcurrant,
  • - Organic extract St. John's wort,
  • - Organic lemon oil.

No fluorine !!