"Golden Mumijo" Shilajit Dietary Supplement (Exp. date 04/2018)

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100% pure shilajit

 EXP. 04/2018

  • Brand: Golden mumijo 
  • 20 tablets per pack 
  • 100% natural high quality purified mumijo
Use: as a dietary 1 tablet before meals up to 2 times daily for 25 days.
"Mumijo (shilajit) is a word of Greek origin. The substance is mentioned in the works of Aristotle and Avicenna as a remedy with antiseptic and general stimulant properties used in Caucasus mountains. Most scientists agree that people observed wounded animals frequenting caves with mumijo and so discovered the substance. Similar substances are used for medicinal purposes throughout Tibet.
Some scientific research on mumijo has been done in the USSR, including full-scale clinical trials. Most information on mumijo is known from Russian sources.
It is still unclear whether it has geological or biological origin as it has numerous traces of vitamins and aminoacids. A mumijo-like substance from Antarctica was found to contain glycerol derivatives and was also believed to have medicinal properties.
Medicinal use and properties
Mumijo is not toxic, at least in reasonable quantities. Research suggested that mumijo has antiseptic and stimulant properties, so it tends to increase wound healing rate and produce better results. Two commercial mumijo-based drugs were developed and at least three conferences on post-operational application of mumijo were held.
Mumijo should not be confused with balsams and thick herbal extract, sometimes advertised as "herbal mumijo"; at least part of its healing properties arise from mineral base." (wikipedia)

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  • 1

    Posted by bela bilinson on Jan 14th 2018

    i ordered the product, because i have a broken arm and it supposed to heal the bone. First of all it took 10 days for it to arrive. Secondly, when I tried to open it the tablet stick to the plastic inside and i am not able to use it after all... Big disappointment and I want my money back

    Re: Greetings,

    We apologize for the late delivery. USPS recently experienced delays due to winter storms in various states. We strive to ship our products as quickly as possible. In fact, we dispatched your parcel within one business day. However, USPS transit delays happen sometimes due to unforseen circumstances. As for the product stickiness, please be aware that mumijo is sticky by its nature. If you have questions about the product, please contact our customer support.

  • 5
    Herbal medicine

    Posted by Hoosier46 on Apr 13th 2013

    Excellent product, allergies, skin rashes and muscle pain went away. Also I feel more energetic and Mumijo helped to low my blood pressure too.