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Do you eat berries often? Well...you should! Read on "Berry Booster" PDF guide 

51pages, PDF

Chapter 1: Know Your Healthy BerriesThe 7 Berries You Should Eat Everyday

Chapter 2: Why Berries Work Better than Other Health Foods

Chapter 3: Acai BerriesAntioxidant Goodness from the Rainforest

Chapter 4: Maqui BerriesGood Health Comes in Small Packages

Chapter 5: Goji BerriesSecret of Asian Longevity

Chapter 6: BlueberriesRound Gobs of Good Health

Chapter 7: StrawberriesLuscious Red Fruits of Delight

Chapter 8: BilberriesTarty Health Benefits

Chapter 9: BlackberriesBlack Pearly Clusters of Nutrition